Your FREE Copy Of 360TVProfits

FREE Bonus #1: 360Leads DFY

Want to sell videos, website building or Voice-Marketing services to your clients but want to look professional? 

360Leads DFY gives you access to professional ""Client Contracts"" you can use when selling animation-marketing and videos to local clients, look more legit and professional, charge more!

FREE Bonus #2: 360 TVContent Builder

With the powerful ContentBuilder DFY you get a library of fresh new content. 

The 360 TVContent Builder is..
A simple interface to browse and preview the content before you ever pull it into your own site.

A smart search function that allows you to find content on specific topics quickly. Full integration with any other wordpress site too.

Simple installation - upload and ready to use.
Unlimited access to the content. Reuse it, repurpose it or rewrite it.

FREE Bonus #3: Content TVCreator

More and more people are creating their own websites containing videos or other forms of active content, such as games. The problem with this sort of website is that there is nothing on the page to attract search engines. 

Search engines like text that gives them an indication of the content - preferably unique.

Content TVCreator software offers a quick and easy way to create suitable text, with minimal effort. The articles consist of full sentences, so can be analysed by search engines for ranking as well.

Create SEO friendly human-readable new articles in minutes using this and stand out, get more traffic than other CurationCloud users.

FREE Bonus #4: DFY TVHosting

We're going to give you access to our Mobile-First Amazon Cloud server website hosting in this upgrade where you get: 

✅ High-Speed Lighting Optimised Cloud Server
✅ 10GB Bandwidth monthly 
✅ Website Builder Included 
✅Host your clients websites to showcase 
✅1-Click Install Any Software or CMS 
✅ Create your own branded Email IDs 
✅ Add your own domains 
✅ VineaSX Rockstart support 
✅5GB Store Space for Mobile-First Websites & Emails "

FREE Bonus #5: Clients Getting Training

This 8 part Clients Getting video training series will teach you how you can use Kaptiwa app to setup a video creation business online and start getting high paying clients. 

After all, you’re getting the commercial license with Kaptiwa, why not make money using it? 

Very effective training sessions for newbie.

FREE Bonus #6: Ad Unit Pro

Easily create your own ad units to promote our products or affiliate programs, then insert them into your websites instead of low paying contextual ads. 

More and more webmasters are becoming disillusioned with contextual ads.

And today, you are getting it free with TV Boss Fire package!

Make sure you see affiliate ID #1378 on checkout to qualify for this bonus. The bonus is delivered automatically in your JVZoo receipt. If you do not see affiliate ID #1378 or have any issues getting your bonus, please contact us at

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